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Molex Connectors, Interconnects and Cable Assemblies

Molex is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection products and systems. Molex is one the fastest growing companies in our industry.

Molex has in product development centers, manufacturing facilities and sales offices on six continents, the more than 16,241 people of Molex are 100 percent customer driven. 

Molex creates innovative product solutions for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board connectors, including header, backplane, terminal, telecom, ethernet, and cable. Molex also makes a variety of switches and application tooling. 

Molex serves customers in a variety of industries, including the telecom, datacom, computer / peripheral, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer, medical and military markets. And because we have the highest levels of R&D investment in our industry, Molex is known for providing a continuous flow of innovation in areas such as high-speed signal integrity, miniaturization, higher power delivery, optical signal transmission and sealed harsh-environment connectivity.


  • PCB Connectors
  • Device-to-PCB
  • Wire Connectors
  • Cable and Flat Flex
  • Input / Output (Box-to-Box)
  • Fiber Optics

3D Custom Circuitry with MID/LDS Technology
7/16 DIN Connectors

Active Optical Cables (AOC)
Aero-Motive® Tool Supports
Affinity Medical Cable Assemblies and Connectors
Application Tooling
Array-Beam High-Density Board-to-Board Connector System
Automation Products
Automotive Sensor Interconnects

Backplane Cabling Solutions
Backplane Products
Backplane/Midplane Assemblies
Balanced Armature Audio Receiver
Battery Cable Lugs
Battery Connectors
Beau Barrier Strips
Bezel Adapters
BLC LC Backplane Connector System
Blind Mating Connectors
BMA Blind-Mate RF Connectors
BMI (Blind Mating Interconnect)
BNC RF Connectors
Board-to-Board Connectors
Brad® Micro-Push® M12 Cordsets and Connectors
Brad® Harsh-Duty IO Modules
Brad® Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Brad® M12 Power Connector System
Brad® M23 Signal and Power Connectors
Brad® Micro-Change® Connectors
Brad® Micro-Change® M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector and Cordsets
Brad® Mini-Change® Products
Brad® mPm® DIN Valve Connectors
Brad® Nano-Change® (M8) Products
Brad® Network Diagnostics Tools
Brad® PAC/PLC Communication Modules
Brad® PC Network Interface Cards (NIC)
Brad® Power Products
Brad® Products
Brad® Remote Communication Modules
Brad® Simulation Tools
Brad® Software Development Tools
Brad® Ultra-Lock® (M12) EX Connection System for Zone 2 Hazardous Locations
Brad® Ultra-Lock® Connection System
BradConnectivity M23
Brad® MX-PTL M12 Cordsets
BSC/BSCII SC Backplane Connector System
Bulb Sockets

C-Grid III
C-Grid® Products
Cable Assemblies
Camera Sockets
Capacitive Fluid Level Sensors
Capacitive Switch
Capillary Assemblies
Capillary Tubing
Category (CAT) 3,4,5,5e,6
Chip-On-Board (COB) LED Holders
ChipSIM Connectors and Cardholders
Circular MT and Array Assemblies
CLIK-Mate Wire-to-Board Connectors
CMC and CMX Sealed, Hybrid, Modular Connectors
Commercial Micro-D High-Density Connectors
Compression Connectors
Consumer USB Products
Control Panel and Front Panel Assemblies
Copper Flex and FlexBeam Interposer Assemblies
Copper Flex Backplanes
Copper Flex Circuit Products
Copper Flex Interconnect Assemblies
Copper Flex Jumpers
CP-6.5 Wire-to-Board Connector System
CPU Sockets
CRC (Compact Robotic Connectors)
Custom Configurators
Custom Headers
Custom Internal Antennas
Customized POF Cable Assemblies and Harnesses
CXP Interconnect System

Optical EMI Shielding and Standard Adapters
Optical Fibers
Optical Industrial Cable Assemblies and Adapters
Optical Quick-Turn Line Cable Assemblies
Optical Solutions
OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures
Overmolded Cable Assemblies

P.C. Board to P.C. Board Applications
Packaging and the Environment
PanelMate Wire-to-Board Connector System
Passive-Safety Pole Connector
PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
PCB Assemblies
PCB Tabs
PCI Express* Card Edge Connector - Molex
PCI Technology
Perma-Seal Terminals
Pico- EZmate Wire-to-Board Connector System
Pico-Clasp Wire-to-Board Connectors
Pico-EZmate Harness for Bridgelux* Vero* LED Arrays
Pico-Lock Connector System
Pico-SPOX Wire-to-Board Connector System
PicoBlade Pitch Connector System
Plastic Optic Fiber (POF) Cable Builder
Plastic Substrate Interconnect (PSI) for LED Chip-on-Board (COB) Arrays
Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System
Plated Plastic Products
PMC Mezzanine 1.00mm Pitch Connector
POF Custom Cable Builder
Polymicro Technologies Products and Solutions
Polymicro Technologies Capillary Assemblies
Polymicro Technologies Capillary Tubing
Polymicro Technologies Fiber Optic Assemblies
Polymicro Technologies Medical Optical Fibers and Capillary Tubing
Polymicro Technologies Micro Components
Polymicro Technologies Optical Fibers
Power and Signal Harnesses
Power Connectors
Power Plus (SSI)
Pre-Crimped Leads
Precision Compression-Mount Microwave Test Connectors
Premise Networking
Premo-Flex Jumpers
Premo-Flex FFC and Etched Polyimide Jumpers
Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
PROFIBUS* Solutions
PROFINET Competence Center
PROFINET Solutions
Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
QMA RF Connectors
QSFP+ Interconnect Solution
QuatroScale Mid-Board Optical Modules MBOMs
QuatroScale zQSFP+ Active Optical Cables (AOC)
Quick-Change® Connectors
Quick-Disconnect Terminals
Quixon Terminals

RAST 2.5 Connector System
RAST 5 Connector System
RAST Connector System
RAST Power Connector
Rectangular Industrial Connectors
ResilientFlex Coiled Assembly
Resistive Touch Screens
RF Cable Assemblies
RF Custom Connectors
RF/Microwave Adapters
RF/Microwave Products
Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Ribbon Cable Jumpers
Right-Angle Modular Jacks
Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies
Rockwell Encompass Program
Rubber Keypads
Ruggedized Backplane Cable Assemblies

Sabre Power Connector
SAS Industry Standard Products
SC, SC/APC and Duplex Connectors, Adapters and Cable Assemblies
SD Memory Card Connectors
SDP Telecom Component Families
SDP Telecom In Building Solutions
SDP Telecom Microwave and RF Solutions
SDP Telecom Radio Link Products
SDP Telecom RF Site Solutions
Sealed Connectors
Sealed Industrial USB Solutions
SEARAY* Plugs, Receptacles and Copper Flex Assemblies
Self-Contained Power Connector (SCPC)
Semi-Automatic Equipment
Serial ATA Connectors and Cable Assemblies
Serial ATA Products
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Connectors
Server System Infrastructure
SFF Industry Standard Specifications
SFP+ and SFP Interconnect Solutions
Sherlock Connector System
Shielded Input/Output (I/O)
Signal Integrity
SIM - Smart Card
SL Modular Connectors
SlimRay Pre-Wired LED Chip-On-Board (COB) Array Holders
SlimStack Flex Assembly
SlimStack Fine Pitch SMT Board-to-Board Connectors
SMA RF Connectors
Smart Power and Media Modules
SMB RF Connectors
SMI Optical Interconnects
SMP-MAX Board-to-Board RF Connectors
SMPM and SMP RF Connectors
Snap Plugs and Receptacles
SnapMate Optical Interconnect System
SolarSpec Cable Assemblies
Solder Charge SMT Technolgy Products
Solderless Terminals
SolderRight Direct-Solder Terminals
Specialty Splices
SpeedStack Mezzanine Connector System
Splash Proof
SPOX BMI Connector System
SPOX Wire-to-Board Connectors - Molex
Squib Right-Angle AK-2 Cable Assemblies
SRC - Sealed Rectangular Connectors
SSMCX Coaxial RF Connector
Stac64 Single, Multi-Pocket and Hybrid Header System
Stacking Board-to-Board Applications
Standard .062" Pin and Socket Power Connector System
Standard .093" Pin and Socket Connectors
Standard Antennas
Standard Military Cable Assemblies
Storage Connectors
Super Sabre Connector System

TDP® Triad Differential Pair
Temp-Flex® Bundled Cable
Temp-Flex® Air-Dielectric Ultra-Low-Loss Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cables
Temp-Flex® FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable
Temp-Flex® MediSpec Micro Coaxial Cables
Temp-Flex® MediSpec Micro Extrusion Primary Wires
Temp-Flex® Solid-Core Low-Loss Microwave Coaxial Cable
Temp-Flex® Specialty Wire and Cable Products
Temp-Flex® Standard Coaxial Cable
Temp-Flex® Twisted Pair
Temp-Flex® MediSpec High-Density Micro-Ribbon Cables
TermiMate One-Circuit Terminal-Style Connector System
Terminal Blocks and Barrier Strips
Tight-Jacketed Cable LC and SC Connectors
TNC RF Connectors
Track-it Traceability Pad
Transcend® Versatile Lighting Module
Type F RF Connectors
Type N RF Connectors

Ultra+ VHDCI Interconnects
Ultra-Fit Power Connectors
USB Products

VersaBeam MT Interconnects
VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies
VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector System
VersaKrimp Terminals and Splices
Vertical and Bottom-Entry Modular Jacks
VHDM® Backplane Connector Systems
VHDM® H-Series Backplane Connectors
VHDM-HSD Backplane Connectors
VHDM® Backplane Connectors and Cable Assembliles
VHDM® L-Series Backplane Connectors
VITA 66.1 Ruggedized Optical MT Backplane Interconnect System

D-Sub Mixed Layout Connectors
DDR4 DIMM Sockets
DeviceNet* Solutions
DIN 1.0/2.3 RF Connector and Backplane System
DIN 41612
Disk Drive Power Connector
DisplayPort* and Mini DisplayPort Interconnect System
Distributed Power System
Ditto Wire-to-Wire Interconnects
Duo-Clasp Dual-Row SMT Wire-to-Board System - Molex
DuraClik Connector System

Edge Card Connectors
EdgeLine® High Speed Connectors
EdgeMate Wire-to-Edge-Card Power Connector
EON Compliant Pin Technology
Ethernet Alliance (EA)
Ethernet Industry Standard Products
Ethernet RJ45
Ethernet Solutions
EtherNet/IP* Solutions
Eurocard DIN 41612
Eurostyle Terminal Blocks
Eurostyle Two-Screw Barrier Strips
Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies
External PCI Express (PCIe)
EXTreme Bus Bar Connector
EXTreme EnergetiC High-Current Connector System
EXTreme Guardian System
EXTreme LPHPower
EXTreme MicroPower
EXTreme OrthoPower Orthogonal Direct-Power Connector System
EXTreme Power Products
EXTreme PowerDock
EXTreme PowerEdge Connectors
EXTreme PowerMass High-Current Connector - Molex
EXTreme PowerPlus
EXTreme PowerPlus (SSI)
EXTreme Ten60Power High-Current Connector
EXTreme ZPower

FAKRA II SMB and FAKRA RF Connector Systems
FC/APC Connectors and Adapters
FCT Electronics
FFC - FPC Connectors
FFC-FPC (SMT) Connectors
FFC-FPC (Through-Hole)
Fiber Optic Assemblies
Fiber Optic Product Families
Fibre Channel Industry Standard Products
Field-Ready Militarized Cable Assemblies
Flex PCB Antenna Technology
Flexi-Mate Connector System
FlexiBend MPO/MTP* Flexible-Boot Cable Assemblies
Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies
Flexible Printed Circuitry Connectors
FlexPlane Optical Circuitry
Foundation FieldBus Cordsets and Receptacles
Fully-Automatic Equipment

GbX I-Trac Backplane Connector System
GbX® Backplane Connector System
Glow Wire Compliant Connectors

H-DAC 64 Unsealed Connector System
Hand and Manual Equipment
HandyLink I/O Interconnect System
HBMT MT High Density Backplane Interconnect System
HD Mezz
HDC Heavy Duty Connectors
HDM® Backplane Connector System
HDMI* Connectors and Cable Assemblies
Heat Sealable Terminals
Heat Shrink Tubing
Heat Sinks for LED Array Holders
Heavy Duty Connectors
High Density Metric
High-Density Copper Flex
High-Performance I/O Assemblies
High-Speed Copper Flex Assemblies
High-Speed Low-Loss Flex Assemblies
High-Speed Pluggable I/O Solutions
High-Temperature Temp Terms Terminals and Splices - Molex
HMC - Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors
HMC Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors
HOZOX EMI Absorption Sheets
HS Stac Headers
HSAutoLink II Interconnect Systems
HSAutoLink Interconnect System
Hybrid Cable Harnesses with Optical Fiber

IEC 603-2 / DIN 41612
iGrid Wire-to-Board Dual-Row System
IllumiMate Connector System
Impact Backplane Connector and Cable Assembly System
Impel Backplane Connector and Cable Assembly System
Imperium High Voltage/High Current (HVHC) Connector System
Industrial Automation Cable
Industrial Communication Competence Center
Industrial Optical Assemblies and Adapters
Industry Standard Ethernet Products
Industry Standard Fibre Channel Products
Industry Standard InfiniBand* Products
Industry Standard SAS Products
Inertia Lock Wire-to-Wire System
InfiniBand* Industry Standard Products
Input/Output (IO)
iPass Connector System
iPass Interconnect Solutions
iPass+ HD Interconnect System

Junction Box IO Connectors

KK® 254 Connector System
KK® 396 Connector System
KK® Interconnect Solutions

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology
LC Connectors and Adapters
LC2+ Metal Optical Connectors
LDS Technology
LED Array Holders for Bridgelux* Arrays
LED Array Holders for Citizen* Arrays
LED Array Holders for Cree* XLamp† Arrays
LED Array Holders for Nichia
LED Array Holders for Sharp* Zenigata‡ (COB) Arrays
LED Array Holders, Dual-Ended Wire Trap
LED Display
LFH Interconnect System
LGA 1155/1156 Desk PC CPU Sockets
LGA 1366/1356-2 Server CPU Socket
LGA 2011-0 Server CPU Socket
Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Printed Circuit Assemblies
Lite-Trap SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System
LumaCore High-Density Specialty Connectors
LVDS FFC Connectors

M-FlaSh Shielded Ultra-Flex Assemblies
Magkrimp Connectors, Terminals and Splices
Magnet Wire Connectors
Magnetic Modular Jacks
MAX-LOC® Plus Shielded Cord Grip Assemblies
MCAT - Multi-CATegory Hybrid, Unsealed Connection System
MCX RF Connectors
MediSpec Hybrid Circular MT Cable Assemblies and Receptacles
MediSpec Micro Miniature Coils (MMC)
MediSpec Product Family
MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Connector System
MediSpec MID/LDS Capabilities
Mega-Fit® Power Connectors
Membrane Switch and Capacitive Switch Products
Membrane Switch Products
Memory Card Connectors
Memory Module Connectors
Metal Dome Arrays
Metric Ring Terminals
Mezzanine Products
Micro Components
Micro Connectors
Micro Miniature IDT Connectors
Micro SAS
Micro Serial Attached SCSI Connectors
Micro-Fit 3.0 Connectors
Micro-Fit 3.0 Products
Micro-Fit BMI Connectors
Micro-Fit CPI Connectors
Micro-Fit RMF Terminals
Micro-Latch Wire-to-Board Connector System
Micro-Lock Connectors
micro-SIM Card Sockets
MicroBlade Connection System
MicroClasp Wire-to-Board System
Microcoaxial RF Connectors
MicroCross DVI Connector and Cable Assemblies
microSD Memory Card Connector
microSD/SIM Card Combo Memory Connector
MicroTCA Interconnect Solutions
Mid-Range Chassis Power System
Milli-Grid Connector System
Mini-BNC RF Connectors
Mini-Fit Jr. Power Connectors
Mini-Fit Sr. Power Connectors
Mini-Fit® Blind Mate Interface (BMI) Connectors
Mini-Fit® Plus Connector System
Mini-Fit® TPA Plugs and Receptacles
Mini-Fit® Next Generation Connectors
Mini-Fit® Products
Mini-HMC Rectangular Industrial Connector System
Mini-Latch Wire-to-Board System
Mini-Lock Wire-to-Board Connector System
Mini50 Connection Systems
Mizu-P25 Miniature Waterproof Connectors
ML-XT Sealed Connection System
MLX Power Connectors
MMCX RF Connectors
MobliquA Antenna Technology
Modular Connector Systems
Modular Plugs
Modular Plugs and Jacks
Molex Premise Networks
MOX Crimp Terminals
MTC (Multi-Terminal Connector)
MTP*-CPI Coplanar Optical Backplane Connector System
MTP*/MPO Adapters and Cable Assemblies
Multi-Drop Sealed Connector System
Multi-Shot Molding Capability for Custom Sealed Interconnect Solutions
MX120G Sealed Connectors
MX123 Sealed Connection System
MX150 Sealed and Unsealed Connector System
MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System
MX64 Multi-Pocket Headers
MX64 Sealed Single Row Connectors
MXC Optical Interconnect Solutions
MXL38999 Connector System
MXP120 Sealed Connector System

Nano-Fit Power Connectors
Nano-Pitch I/O Interconnect System
NeoScale High-Speed Mezzanine System
NMEA 2000® Brad® Micro-Change® (M12) and Brad® Mini-Change® Cables and Connectors
Non-Magnetic RF Solutions
Weld-Slag and Oil-Resistant (WSOR) Cable
Wire Pins
Wire-to-Board Connectors
Wire-to-Wire Connectors
Woodhead® Products

XFP Products
XRC (Extra Rugged Circular) Sealed Plugs and Receptacles

Z-Axis Pluggable Solutions
Z-PACK TinMan* 85 Ohm Backplane System
zCD Interconnect System
zQSFP+ Interconnect System
zSFP+ Interconnect System


PCB Connectors

  • The PCB Connectors are:
    • Wire-to-Board Overview
    • Crimp IDT Positive
    • Board-to-Board
    • Parallel Right Angle Surface Mount
    • PCB Headers
    • PCB Receptacles


  • The Device-to-PCB are:
    • Memory Card(CompactFlash Smart Card SIM)
    • Sockets and Edge Card (Edgecard Hi-Spec DIMM)

Wire Connectors

  • The Wire Connectors are:
    • Wire-to-Wire(Crimp-to-Crimp Panel Mount)
    • Crimp Housings(Panel Mount Female)
    • Insulation Displacement and Solder Connectors IDT
    • Terminal Blocks and Strips(Barrier Strip Block)
    • Solderless Terminals
    • Quick Disconnects Ring and Spade Terminals Splices

Cable and Flat Flex

  • The Cable and Flat Flex are:
    • Flat Flex Cable Connectors(Surface Mount Through Hole)
    • Ribbon Cable / Wire Trap Connectors(SL Picoflex Wire Trap)
    • Cable and Assemblies(High Performance Cable Assemblies Jumpers Flat Cable)

Input / Output (Box-to-Box)

  • The Input / Output (Box-to-Box) are:
    • Input / Output (General) (IEEE 1394 USB LFH)
    • Modular Plugs and Jacks(Wire Plug PCB Jack RJ45 RJ11 8/8)
    • RF / Microwave / Coax (BNC SMA MCX N MMCX)
    • Circular Industrial
    • Micro-C Nano-C SpiritTM and SpectreTM)
    • Rectangular Industrial(HMC HTC CRC)
    • Micro - Industrial

Fiber Optics

  • The Fiber Optics are:
    • Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters(Backplane LC ST STII)
    • Fiber Optics Value-Added Components
    • Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
43020-0600Molex 43020-0600 Connector Micro-Fit 3.0 Plug Panel Mount 6P Dual Row00.2700
02-06-1201.Molex 02-06-1201 Crimp00.1600
02-09-2116Molex 02-09-2116 Crimp Terminal .093"2,8000.1100
03-09-10111Molex 03-09-1011 Socket Connector00.0400
03091041Molex 03091041 Header Connector, Cable Mount, Plug, 4 Contacts, 0.198 Pitch, Locking Mechanism00.5400
08-50-0115Molex 08-50-0115 Crimp Terminal 22-30 AWG00.3600
08-50-02761Molex 08-50-0276 Crimp Terminal for Industry Standard Power Supply, 18 to 24 AWG00.0000
08-56-01061Molex 08-56-0106 Connector Crimp Terminal 22-30 AWG00.6400
08-56-01091Molex 08-56-0109 Connector Contact, Socket, Crimp Terminal 22-30 AWG, Gold (Au), Nickel (Ni) Under Plating00.3400
08-70-10301Molex 08-70-1030 Crimp Terminal, Spring Box, 18-24 AWG, Tin-Plated Brass00.2500
08-50-0189Molex 08-50-0189 Crimp Terminal, 18-20 AWG, 3.96mm Pitch KK, Tin Plating00.1500
08-65-0814Molex 08-65-0814 Crimp Terminal 6459, 22-30 AWG, Bag, Phosphor Bronze Gold (Au)6000.6200
09-48-2041Molex 09-48-2041 Right Angle Board Mount Receptacle 4 Position 3.96mm Spacing00.2500
09-48-2051Molex 09-48-2051 Board Mount Socket Header 3.96mm Pitch 5 Contact80.6000
09-48-2081Molex 09-48-2081 Headers & Wire Housings KK 156 PCB Assy RtAn 08 Ckt Tin21.1800
09-48-40881Molex 09-48-4088 PC Board Connector, Top Entry, Polyester Connector 8 Circuits 3.96mm Pitch01.3200
09-50-1081Molex 09-50-1081 Nylon Connector Housing 1 Row 8 Position Receptacle7490.9500
09-50-31011 Molex 09-50-3101 Header Connector, Cable Mount, Plug, 10 Contacts, Socket, 0.156 Pitch, Polarized Lock00.5800
09-50-8063Molex 09-50-8063 Polyester Terminal Housing 6 Position 3.96mm Spacing41,9700.2400
09-50-8123Molex 09-50-8123 Connector Header 12 Position 3.96mm2000.6900
09-52-31231Molex 09-52-3123 Connector Socket Strip 12 POS 3.96mm Solder ST Thru-Hole01.1900
09-65-2068Molex 09-65-2068 Connector 3.96mm Pitch 6 Way 1 Row Straight PCB Header, Solder Terminal2680.6900
09-91-0300Molex 09-91-0300 Connector Housing 3 POS 3.96mm00.0000
09-92-0600Molex 09-92-0600 Connector HOUSING RCP 6 POS 3.96MM ST102.5000
90123-0105Molex 90123-0105 Conn Housing RCP 5 POS 2.54mm Crimp ST00.4600
10-08-1061Molex 10-08-1061 Pin Strip Connector Header 6 Position9820.7000
10-84-4022Molex 10-84-4022 Conn Wire to Board HDR 2 POS 6.35mm Solder ST Thru-Hole Bag10.4500
10-84-4031Molex 10-84-4031 PLUG & SOCKET CONN, RCPT, 3POS, 6.35MM, Series:MLX, Pitch Spacing:6.35mm, Contact00.6100
26-03-4050Molex 26-03-4050 Conn Housing F 5 POS 3.96mm Crimp ST Cable Mount1,0060.3800
26-60-5030Molex 26-60-5030 Connector Wire to Board HDR 3 POS 3.96mm Solder RA Thru-Hole1000.4600
26-60-4150MOLEX 26-60-4150 Connector, Header, 15P, 3.96 mm, Tin Plated501.0600
26-48-2065Molex 26-48-2065 Connector Wire to Board HDR 6 POS 3.96mm Solder ST Thru-Hole22.4800
26-48-1124Molex 26-48-1124 Wire to Board Pin Header 12 Position 3.96mm Right Angle1000.9700
26-48-1075Molex 26-48-1075 Connector Unshrouded Header 7 POS 3.96mm1202.3700
26-48-1035Molex 26-48-1035 Vertical Through Hole Connector Header 3.96mm Pitch1000.4600
26-48-1031Molex 26-48-1031 Connector Header, 3P, 3.96 mm600.4600
26-48-1025Molex 26-48-1025 Connector Header, 2P, 3.96 mm450.3600
14-60-0022Molex 14-60-0022 IDC Connector 2 POS 2.54mm00.3000
19-09-1036Molex 19-09-1036 Conn Housing RCP 3 POS 6.7mm Crimp ST Cable Mount01.1800
22-01-2047MOLEX 22-01-2047 CONNECTOR RECEPTACLE, 4 POS, 2.54MM00.2900
22-50-3055Molex 22-50-3055 Connector 5 Way IDT Socket 2.54mm Pitch00.9000
22-28-8042Molex 22-28-8042 Connector 4 Positions Header350.3800
22-28-6040Molex 22-28-6040 Connector50.3100
22-28-5063MOLEX 22-28-5063 Connector Unshrouded Header 6 POS1301.3600
22-28-4040MOLEX 22-28-4040 Connector Header 4POS .100 VERT TIN2000.2900
22-28-4022MOLEX 22-28-4022 Board-To-Board Connector, 2 Contacts, Header, 2.54 mm, 1 Row1000.1000
22-28-0080Molex 22-28-0080 Header Connector, 8 POS 2.54mm1500.5700
22-27-2081MOLEX 22-27-2081 Connector Header 8POS .100 VERT TIN1000.5800
22-27-2061Molex 22-27-2061 Nylon Vertical Locking Pin Header 6 Position 2.54mm Spacing6230.4100
16-02-0097Molex 16-02-0097 Crimp Socket Connector Gold Plated 3A 30-24 AWG6580.1000
22-27-2041MOLEX 22-27-2041 Connector, Header 2.54 mm, 4 Contacts40.4200
16-02-0105Molex 16-02-0105 Crimp Pin 24-30 AWG1000.1200
22-27-2021Molex 22-27-2021 Header230.2300
22-23-5024MOLEX 22-23-5024 Connector Wire to Board HDR 2 POS 2.54240.1800
15-06-0040MOLEX 15-06-0040 CONNECTOR, RECEPTACLE 4 POSITION 4.2MM400.6700
22-23-2041MOLEX 22-23-2041 Connector PCB Header 4P TIN FRICTION LOCK450.3700
15-06-0041MOLEX 15-06-0041 Conn Housing RCP 4 POS 4.2mm Crimp ST Panel Mount300.8500
22-17-2202MOLEX 22-17-2202 PC Board Connector 20 Contacts507.9000
16-02-0110Molex 16-02-0110 Male Contact, Crimp, 30-24 awg2500.2700
15-06-0060MOLEX 15-06-0060 Connector Housing F 6 POS 4.2mm Crimp ST Panel Mount1800.6500
16-02-0115Molex 16-02-0115 Contact, Pin, 24 AWG, 22 AWG, Crimp700.4500
15-25-1263Molex 15-25-1263 QF-50? Strain Relief 26 Circuits 2.54MM460.2500
15-38-0143Molex 15-38-0143 QF Connector 14 Circuit 2 Row Right Angle Through Hole Mount504.5600
22-17-2072Molex 22-17-2072 Wire Housing / Header 7 Position 0.1" 2.54m Spacing1,4231.7200
22-15-2106Molex 22-15-2106 Connector Socket Strip RCP 10 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole801.0000
22-15-2026MOLEX 22-15-2026 Connector Socket Strip 2 POS 2.54mm550.2900
15-38-1026Molex 15-38-1026 Shunt / Jumper 0.1" 2.54mm Spacing5000.2500
22-12-2034Molex 22-12-2034 Connector Wire to Board 3 Position 2.54mm101.1100
15-44-5810Molex 15-44-5810 Header Connector,PCB Mount,PLUG,10 Contacts,SKT,0.1 Pitch,PC TAIL Terminal435.5600
22-05-7068Molex 22-05-7068 Connector Header 6 POS 2.54mm2001.1900
22-05-7038MOLEX 22-05-7038 Connector Wire to Board HDR 3 POS 2.545111.0300
22-05-7028MOLEX 22-05-7028 Connector Wire to Board HDR 2 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole1000.7400
15-91-0140MOLEX 15-91-0140 Connector, Header, 14Pin, 2.54 mm201.2000
22-05-3121MOLEX 22-05-3121 Connector Header 12 POS 2.54mm500.7700
22-05-3061Molex 22-05-3061 Connector Pin Header 6 Contacts 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole750.6500
15-91-2080MOLEX 15-91-2080 Connector Unshrouded Header 8 POS 2.54mm3500.5700
22-05-2111Molex 22-05-2111 Connector Unshrouded Header 11 POS 2.54mm750.9100
22-04-1031MOLEX 22-04-1031 Header Connector, PCB Mount, 3 Contact Pins, 0.098 Pitch, Polarized Lock1000.8200
22-03-2081MOLEX 22-03-2081 Connector Unshrouded Header HDR 8 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole500.6600
22-03-2031Molex 22-03-2031 Connector Header, 3P, 2.54mm500.3000
22-01-2067Molex 22-01-2067 Nylon Wire Housing Single Row 6 Position5000.2000
16-02-0096Molex 16-02-0096 Contact, Socket, Crimp, 30-24 AWG, SL, Tin Plate (150), 70058 Series800.1000
19001-000119001-0001 Molex Terminals QK DISCONNECT MALE 18-22 AWG1000.4800
19002-0029Molex 19002-0029 Terminal, Quick Disconnect Female, 4.75MM Blue00.5400
19016-0111 Molex 19016-0111 Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16AWG F 16.26mm 7.7mm Tin10.1100
19043-0001Molex 19043-0001 Double Male - Single Female Quick Disconnect Adapter, .250 x .032 Tab Size, Non-Plated00.2000
19073-0172Molex 19073-0172 Ring Tongue Terminal #10 Bolt 10-12 AWG Electro-Tin Tape Mounted00.4600
19074-0013 Molex 19074-0013 Terminal Tongue 18-22 AWG240.1000
19141-0052Molex 19141-0052 Krimptite Spade Tongue Terminal for 14-16 AWG Wire1,2000.2100
19160-004219160-0042 Molex Twist Lock Splice for 10-22 AWG Wire, Yellow6,0000.1400
19221-0240 Molex 19221-0240 Lug Terminal (1/0)AWG 46.84mm 18.24mm Tin01.7300
19712-4001Molex 19712-4001 PCB Tab Quick Disconnect, Male, for Wire, Box, Tab 2.79 x 0.51mm5000.1000
03-09-1042Molex 03-09-1042 Socket Receptacle Housing, 4 Circuits750.0900
08-56-010608-50-0106 Molex Gold Plated Brass Terminal 18-24 AWG00.5500
51021-0600MOLEX 51021-0600 Wire-to-Board Receptacle Housing; 6 Circuit 1.25mm500.3000
39-01-208039-01-2080 Molex Connector Receptacle Housing 8 Circuits2180.3800
39-29-1027Molex 39-29-1027 Connector Wire to Board HDR 2 POS 4.2m1000.2000
54603-1102MOLEX 54603-1102 Connector Hard Metric RCP 110 POS 2mm215.8400
70543-0005MOLEX 70543-0005 Connector Header 6POS .100 VERT Gold100.4800
44032-0501Molex 44032-0501 Connector Micro-Fit 3.0(TM) Header02.0000
41791-0852MOLEX 41791-0852 Connector Wire to Board M 5 POS 3.96mm201.0500
74441-0010Molex 74441-0010 SFP Connector 20 Position 500mA Female Gold Plated Right Angle1,9203.0200
2759-TMolex 2759-T Crimp Terminal for Connector Housing01.4600
53258-0320Molex 53258-0320 Shrouded Header 3.50mm Pitch, Vertical, 3 Circuits1000.3600
19-09-103019-09-1030 Molex Connector Connectors, Interconnects01.1800
02-06-510302-06-5103 Molex Crimp 18-24 AWG Socket Contact Gold20.0000
02092116Molex 02-09-2116 Male Crimp Pin Terminal 0.093" 18-22 AWG2,8000.1700
08500189MOLEX 08-50-0189 Crimp Terminal 6838, 18-20 AWG300.0800
0855010108-55-0101 Molex Crimp, Brass, 22 AWG-30 AWG10,0000.1500
08650814Molex 08-65-0814 Crimp Terminal 250V 3A 30-22 AWG6000.4000
09-07-5087Molex 09-07-5087 Receptacle Housing 8 Position Single Row 24-22 AWG1251.9800
09011038Molex 09-01-1038 Connector 3.96mm (.156") Pitch Crimp Housing, 3 Circuits3,0000.5000
0901230105Molex 0901230105 Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle 5 Position, Black 2.54mm200.4200
09641126Molex 09-64-1126 Connector Header & Wire Housing2572.0000
19221-022319221-0223 Molex Lug Terminal 8 AWG M5 Stud9000.3300
192210240Molex 192210240 Terminal Crimp 1/0 AWG 5/16" Tin Plated4971.2500
22012057MOLEX 22-01-2057 Housing 5 Circuits40.2400
26034050Molex 26-03-4050 450171-05 Terminal Housing Connector 5 Position 0.156" Spacing1,0060.3000
26116125MOLEX 26-11-6125 Connector Housing, Single Row 12 Circuit, Pitch 3.96mm1,2533.5000
38002-0274Molex 38002-0274 Non-Insulated Jumper Terminal to Male 0.250" QUICK CONNECT11,0000.2200
39-00-0279Molex 39-00-0279 Crimp Terminal Tin Plated Brass 5A 24-18 AWG6,0000.2100
39-01-2025Molex 39-01-2025 Wire Housing 2 Position 0.165" Pitch900.4000
39-01-2045Molex 39-01-2045 Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle Natural 0.165" (4.20mm) 4 Position1900.3800
39-01-2140Molex 39-01-2140 Crimp Receptacle Wire Housing 14 Position 600V 13A Nylon880.6000
39-01-2245MOLEX 39-01-2245 Connector Housing, Pull Tabs, UL 94V-0, Mini-Fit Jr. Series, Receptacle, 24 Positions, 4.2 mm1001.3000
39-29-0243MOLEX 39-29-0243 HEADER 24POS 4.2MM STR AU303.1200
39-29-3026Molex 39-29-3026 Vertical Header 2 Position 600V 9A Brass Contacts Nylon Housing400.5700
39-29-614839-29-6148 Molex Header 14 Position24,5005.6000
39-30-1039MOLEX 39-30-1039 CONNECTOR WIRE TO BOARD 3 POS 4.2MM230.6700
39-31-0020Molex 39-31-0020 Power Connector Header 2 Position 4.2mm Pitch320.6800
39-53-228439-53-2284 Molex FFC & FPC Connector 28Position50.0000
39281163Molex 39281163 Vertical Connector Header 16 Circuit 600V 9A501.9900
43025-2400Molex 43025-2400 Wire Receptacle Housing 3.00mm (0.118) 2 Row 24 Position1521.3800
43030-0010Molex 43030-0010 Socket Crimp Terminal 26-30AWG2500.1500
43045-0425Molex 43045-0425 Connector Shrouded Keyed Pin Header 4 Position 3mm Spacing1221.2500
43045-1400Molex 43045-1400 Conn Wire to Board HDR 14 POS 3mm Solder RA Thru-Hole Micro-Fit 3.0? Tray80.0000
43045-142043045-1420 Molex Vertical Header, 3.00mm Pitch, Dual Row, 14 Circuits155.6700
43045-2200Molex 43045-2200 Right Angle Power Connector Header 22 Position 600V 5A Tin Plated Brass Pins443.9800
43645-0600Molex 43645-0600 Polyester Receptacle Connector 6 Position 3MM Single Row250.5800
43650-0816Molex 43650-0816 Connector Header Single Row 8 Position 600V 5A 3mm Spacing281.5600
48037-1000Molex 48037-1000 Connector, USB 2.0 , Type A, 4Ways SMD560.9900
50-57-940350-57-9403 MOLEX RECEPTACLE HOUSING 3 POSITION, 1ROW, 2.54MM400.2800
50-57-9405MOLEX 50-57-9405 HOUSING 5POS .100 W/LATCH100.0000
50-57-940750-57-9407 Molex Connector Crimp Housing, Single Row, 7 Circuits1000.5000
50-57-9408MOLEX 50-57-9408 CONNECTOR HOUSING 8POS .100 WITH LATCH290.4000
50061-810050061-8100 Molex Crimp Terminal Vertical 28-32 AWG4000.1900
502351-0400Molex 5023510400 Connector Wire-to-Board Receptacle Housing, Single Row, 4 Circuits, Natural5000.2500
50579406 MOLEX 50-57-9406 Connector Housing, 6 WAY100.0000
51021-1500Molex 51021-1500 PicoBlade Wire Housing 15 Position Single Row 1.25MM (.049") Pitch3,0000.6800
510650300Molex 510650300 Polyester Wire Housing 3 Position 1 Row8350.0800
51110-1651Molex 51110-1651 Wire-To-Board Connector, 2mm, 16 Contacts, Plug, Milli-Grid, Crimp, 2 Rows1400.3800
51191-0300Molex 51191-0300 Connector Receptacle, 3 Contacts, 2.5 mm200.1500
51191-0400MOLEX 51191-0400 Connector Receptacle 4 Position 2.50mm100.0000
51338-1074Molex 51338-1074 Stacking Board Connector, Receptacle, 0.4 mm, 100 Contacts, Surface Mount403.2800
52213-0211MOLEX 52213-0211 Connector Receptacle, 2 Positions, 2.5 mm500.3600
52316-2619Molex 52316-2619 Male I/O Connector 26 Position Gold Plated263.4500
530140610MOLEX 53014-0610 CONNECTORS 2MM 6P HEADER00.8200
530480910Molex 53048-0910 Connector Header, Right Angle, 9 Circuits 1.25mm Pitch1,2260.8900
53253-1570MOLEX 53253-1570 Connector Header 15POS 2MM VERT TIN80.0000
54457-1106MOLEX 54457-1106 HARD METRIC CONNECTOR 110CKT R/A 7 ROWS10.0000
5469814454698-1443 Molex Simm/Dimm Socket, 144 Contacts100.0000
56579-0576MOLEX 56579-0576 USB Connector 5POS1001.4000
70246-100170246-1001 Molex Connector Header 10 Position 2Row10.0000
70246-1421MOLEX 70246-1421 Connector 14 Positions Header 2.54MM (.100)" C-GRID Low Profile Shrouded100.0000
70247-4051MOLEX 70247-4051 CONN HEADER 40POS .100 R/A 15AU RoHS50.0000
70543-0002MOLEX 70543-0002 Wire-To-Board Connector 3 Contacts150.9700
70543-0004MOLEX 70543-0004 Connector Header 5POS .100 VERT Gold151.1700
705430003MOLEX 70543-0003 Connector, Header, 2.54mm, 4 Way 1 Row200.7900
70545-0009Molex 70545-0009 Connector Header 10 POS Vertical Tin Plated RoHS81.2000
70553-0038Molex 70553-0038 Right Angle Header 4 Pin Single Row Tin Plated3,3600.9600
705550036Molex 70555-0036 Connector Header 2 Position 0.1" 2.54mm Right Angle6350.9900
71251-0004Molex 71251-0004 DIMM / DRAM Socket Gold Plated 240 Position 1.27mm Pitch102.6600
71430-0008Molex 71430-0008 Ultra+ Connector Right Angle 0.8MM 68 POS PCB Mount RoHS213.9900
71436-2164MOLEX 71436-2164 HEADER, SMT, 10MM HEIGHT, 64WAY ROHS90.0000
74323-200174323-2001 Molex HDMI Connector02.9500
751651010VHDM 8 Row Right Angle Male Assembly NON-ROHS50.0000
75784-0136Molex 75784-0136 Modular Connectors 36Pos 1 Port48.5000
79109-0001Molex 79109-0001 Surface Mount Socket Header 4 Position 2mm Pitch681.9900
79109-0214MOLEX 79109-0214 CONNECTOR 2.00mm (.079") Pitch Milli-Grid ? Board-to-Board Receptacle232.3500
79109-0216Molex 79109-0216 Connector Dual Row, 34 Circuits1953.5000
85502-5005Molex 85502-5005 Right Angle Modular Jack Connector RJ11101.5000
87369-0600Molex 87369-0600 Connector Housing 1 Row 6 Position 2.00mm (0.079") Pitch9000.0800
87427-1003Molex 87427-1003 Right Angle Header 10 Position 2 Rows RoHS2002.4500
87427-2043Molex 87427-2043 Wire-To-Board Connector, Header, 20P, 4.2 mm, Tin Plated2002.0000
87715-9302MOLEX 87715-9302 PCI Express / PCI Connectors 1.00MM 164P .062" 15AU16.0000
87831-262087831-2620 Molex Conn Shrouded Header 26 POS 2mm10.0000
87832-081087832-0810 Molex Header 2.00mm (.079) Pitch 8 Circuits300.4300
87833-0831MOLEX 87833-0831, WIRE-BOARD CONNECTOR, HEADER, 8POS, 2MM201.3200
90075-0141MOLEX 90075-0141 Modular Plug, Short Body, 8/830.6000
90119-2110Molex 90119-2110 Female Crimp Terminal 22-24 AWG 0.1" Gold Plated20.2000
90142001090142-0010 Molex Connector Housing 2.54mm Pitch, Dual Row, 10 Circuits2240.8000
90156-0142Molex 90156-0142 Crimp Socket Connector Housing 2 Position 0.1" Spacing890.3800
90198-000190198-0001 Molex Connector Crimp Terminal 22-26AWG00.1100
90327-3326Molex 90327-3326 Connector Receptacle IDC 26 Position 1.27mm GOLD Plated2312.5800
90814-0012Molex 90814-0012 Connector Header 12 Position 1.27MM SMD TIN211.5000
95123-288195123-2881 Molex Connector MOD JACK VERT 8-8 SHIELDED80.0000
95522-2887Molex 95522-2887 Modular / Ethernet Connector RJ-45 Female 8 Position 2.54mm240.9900
43650-0318Molex 43650-0318 Connector, Micro-Fit, Header, 3Pos, 3 mm51.2000
72502-C-V-49-54MOLEX/BEA 72502-C-V-49-54 Connector 9.53mm (.375") Pitch3001.0900
09-75-1061MOLEX 09-75-1061 CONNECTOR HEADER 6-PIN 0.166CTR102.0000
82-26-4508Molex 82-26-4508 Ribbon Cable Spacing 2mm 26 AWG 8 Conductor6000.4500
39-27-1266MOLEX 39-27-1266 Connector Ejector Header HDR 26 POS 2.02.6000
TAB3423Molex ETC Tab 3423 Terminal Connector2800.1500
87568-2491MOLEX 87568-2491 Connector RECEPT 24POS 2MM IDT GOLD504.4500
BCL-105-16-PLMolex BCL-105-16-PL Crimp Lug 1/0 AWG Wire to 5/16" Stud8001.2000
41791-0855Molex 41791-0855 Connector Wire to Board 8 POS 3.96mm101.5400
39-01-4033MOLEX 39-01-4033 Connector MINI-FIT JR, 3 Circuits200.1900
09-50-3101MOLEX 09-50-3101 Connector Housing 10 Ways, 3.96 mm1000.6000
39-30-3055Molex 39-30-3055 Connector Header 5POS 4.2MM R/A TIN RoHS2001.7000
22-03-5145Molex 22-03-5145 Connector Header 14P 2.5mm Vertical Tin00.0000
887631300Molex 88763-1300 IEEE1394 I/O Cable 4P(F) 4P(M) 4 Pins M to 4 Pins F13,5040.5500
46235-500146235-5001 Molex Connector Micro-Fit Crimp Terminal, Female 20-24 AWG00.0000
0874380943MOLEX 0874380943 CONNECTOR 9 Position Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle Natural 9 Circuits 0.059"01.4000
87437-0943MOLEX 87437-0943 CONNECTOR HEADER 1 ROW 9POS 1.5MM VERTICAL SMD RoHS00.0000
53047-101053047-1010 MOLEX CONNECTOR HEADER 10POS 1.25MM STR TIN ROHS00.0000
02-06-120102-06-1201 Molex Socket Crimp Terminal 24-18AWG6,7500.1600
54819-051954819-0519 Molex Connector Mini USB Type B F 5 POS 1.6mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 5 Terminal 1 Port Tray00.0000
15-91-2035Molex 15-91-2035 Right Angle Connector Header 0.100" Spacing02.5800
02-09-8109Molex 02-09-8109 Pin and Socket Crimp00.1000
07-01-7201MOLEX 07-01-7201 Conn Housing RCP 20 POS 4.45mm01.2000
08-70-1030Molex 08-70-1030 Crimp Terminal SPOX 24-18 AWG Tin Plated Brass 250V 7A1,4000.2000
08-70-1040MOLEX 08-70-1040 CRIMP CONTACT TERM FEMALE 22-28AWG CRIMP00.1700
09-48-4088MOLEX 09-48-4088 Conn Socket Strip RCP 8 POS 3.96m1600.7200
09-50-3041MOLEX 09-50-3041 Rectangular Housing Connector 4 Position00.4100
09-91-0200Molex 09-91-0200 Connector Housing RCP 2 POS 3.96mm00.1200
19070-0144MOLEX 19070-0144 Connector Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG00.3000
2035MOLEX 192210241 Lug Terminal (1/0)AWG 46.84mm 18.202.3200
09-64-1083MOLEX 09-64-1083 Connector header 8 position .156 inch00.0000
70555-0036MOLEX 70555-0036 Connector Shrouded Header HDR 2P00.6400
39-26-303039-26-3030 Molex Connector Header 3.96MM 3WAY00.6800
03-06-2032MOLEX 03-06-2032 Connector Housing, Free-Hanging, Standard .062" Series, Plug, 3 Positions, 3.68 mm00.1200
72511-53-PCVBEAU Connector 11 POS Terminal Block00.2400
39-00-0039Molex 39-00-0039 Crimp Socket Contact 24-18 AWG3930.3600
39-00-0060Molex 39-00-0060 Crimp Socket Size (AWG):24-18 9AMP700.1000
39-00-0078Molex 39-00-0078 Mini-Fit Crimp00.1300
39-27-1346MOLEX 39-27-1346 Connector Ejector Header HDR 34 POS202.9000
39-30-2031MOLEX 39-30-2031 Mini-Fit Jr. Connectors 3Pos Vertical61.1900
43025-1200Molex 43025-1200 Micro-Fit 3.0 Connectors500.4000
43030-000543030-0005 Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector Crimp Terminal 26-30 AWG600.0700
43045-0406Molex 43045-0406 Micro-Fit 3.0 Connectors 4 CKT51.0000
43045-1623MOLEX 43045-1623 Connector 16 Positions Header, Shrouded 0.118" (3.00mm) Right Angle Gold146.9000
43650-0216MOLEX 43650-0216 CONN HEADER 2POS 3MM VERT GOLD40.9600
43914-1104MOLEX 43914-1104 Connector Housing RCP 12 POS 10mm ST31.7000
90059-0009Molex 90059-0009 White Shorting Jumper Block 0.1" Spacing 2.54mm12,3000.3000
95001-2441Molex 95001-2441 Telephone Port / Jack 4 Pin 2.54mm Spacing2,4000.5000
M111306Molex M-1113-06 Crimp On Ring Lug Terminal2,7000.1500
22-11-202222-11-2022 Molex Connector Header 2 Circuits .100 VERT GOLD00.5100
87089-2416MOLEX 87089-2416 HEADER STRIP MALE,2X12MM451.6000
73415-206373415-2063 MOLEX RF / Coaxial Connector, MMCX Coaxial, Straight Jack, Surface Mount Vertical, 50 ohm00.0000
105133-0001MOLEX 105133-0001 Connector USB RCP 5 POS 0.65mm Solder RA SMD 5 Terminal 1 Port00.0000
501951-7010501951-7010 MOLEX CONNECTOR, FPC, RCPT, 70POS, 2ROW VERT RoHS00.0000
43650-071243650-0712 MOLEX CONNECTOR HEADER 7POS 3MM RT ANG SMD RoHS01.5400
51065-080051065-0800 MOLEX Connector Housing 8 Position00.0000
43045-1000Molex 43045-1000 MICRO-FIT Header 3mm Pitch 10 Way 2 Row, 5A 250V20.0000
50212-800050212-8000 Molex Connector CONTACT, FEMALE, 30-24AWG, CRIMP00.0000
105057-00011050570001 Molex USB Connectors 4 POS 2mm 1PORT40.0000
90156-014490156-0144 Molex Connector Housing 4 Position 2.54mm Pitch00.0000
501568-0207501568-0207 Molex Connector Header 2 Position R/A SMD00.0000
52207-228552207-2285 Molex FFC & FPC Connector 22 POS 1mm Solder RA SMD00.0000
1089716210-89-7162 Molex Connector Header 16 Position, 2ROW 2.54mm RoHS00.0000
39-00-0038MOLEX 39-00-0038 CRIMP SOCKET, CONTACT, 18AWG TERMINAL 39000038 RoHS00.0000
39-01-2185MOLEX 39-01-2185 Connector Housing F 18 POS 4.2mm Crimp ST Cable Mount Mini-Fit Jr? Bag00.0000
500998-0900500998-0900 Molex Connector Memory Card 9 Position00.0000
47346-1001MOLEX 47346-1001, USB Connectors uUSB B Rec BotMt Flangeless SMT00.0000
53261-087153261-0871 MOLEX CONNECTOR HEADER 8POS 1.25MM R/A SMD RoHS00.0000
53398-087153398-0871 Molex Connector Header 8 position00.0000
02-08-1001Molex 02-08-1001 Contact Crimp 14-20AWG Cable Mount Reel1000.1000
71161-0402MOLEX 71161-0402 Connector Mini-Fit IDT Feed-To Cover for 4 Circuits 4.20mm1002.5000
53375-101053375-1010 Molex Connector PCB Header, Single Row, Vertical, 10 Circuits, Through Hole01.1900
43375-0001Molex 43375-0001 Socket Contact / Crimp Terminal 16-14 AWG RoHS4,0000.1500
51021-0200MOLEX 51021-0200 Rectangular Connector Housing 2 Positions00.0600
44476-3111144476-3111 Molex 16 AWG Socket Crimp Terminal for use with Mini-Fit Jr.7,9640.2000
43650-0300MOLEX 43650-0300 HEADER, RIGHT ANGLE, SINGLE ROW, 3 WAY00.4200
5927-59080Molex 5927-59080 1.0 Harness I/O Plg Assembly 120Ckt16030.0000
51021-0300Molex 51021-0300 Connector, Receptacle, 3 Contacts, 1.25 mm1,8100.1900
43814-662143814-6621 MOLEX Connector Modular Jack, Right Angle, Low Profile, Inverted, 6/6, 2 Ports00.9160
502128000Molex 50212-8000 Female Crimp Connector Mi II Micro-Latch Sherlock2,8000.1400
39-28-5101Molex 39-28-5101 Shrouded Connector Header 10 POS 2.54mm Right Angle Thru-Hole10.6600
42816-0312Molex 42816-0312 Connector Receptacle Wire Housing 3 Position 1 Row 50A7001.6000
53047-0610Molex 53047-0610 Connector Header 6 Position 1.25mm Vertical4000.6000
53324-0560Molex 53324-0560 Connector Header, 5 Position , 2 mm, Tin Plated4,0001.1500
87263-0823Molex 87263-0823 Connector Socket Strip 8 Position 2 mm Pitch SMD RoHS331.4400
03-09-1011Molex 03-09-1011 Connector Housing RCP 1 POS Crimp ST Cable Mount Bag3300.7000
39-30-2052Molex 39-30-2052 Connector Header, Single Row 5 Position5002.2500
39-00-0278Molex 39-00-0278 Pin Contact (Male) 0.062" Dia. Crimp Terminal6,0000.2100
39-26-3040Molex 39-26-3040 Connector Strip 4 Circuit 3.96 mm Pitch7500.8800
50394-8051Molex 50394-8051 Crimp Terminal 24-30 AWG Gold Plated10,0000.2100
50-37-503350-37-5033 Molex Connector 3 Circuits00.3800
50-37-506350-37-5063 Molex Connector 6 Position Rectangular Housing00.1800
87332-1010MOLEX 87332-1010 Connector 10P SMT VERT HEADER 2MM00.0000
15-44-5824MOLEX 15-44-5824 Connector Housing 24P .100 Vertical00.0000
42816-0512MOLEX 42816-0512 Connector Housing 5 POS 10mm Crimp ST Cable Mount Mini-Fit301.1500
CON1052MOLEX 09-50-3021 Connector Housing 2POS .156 W/RAMP1240.2400
22-03-5035MOLEX 22-03-5035 CONNECTOR HEADER 3POS 2.5MM VERT TIN00.2400
22-03-5065MOLEX 22-03-5065 Connector 6 Positions Header 0.098" (2.50mm)00.0000
43045-0226Molex 43045-0226 Connector 2 Circuits00.2200
39-28-1063MOLEX 39-28-1063 Connector Header 6 POS 4.2MM Vertical2000.8000
39-00-0040Molex 39-00-0040 Mini-Fit Connector Crimp Terminal 18-24AWG00.0900
22-29-2121MOLEX 22-29-2121 Connector Header & Wire Housing02.0700
87369-1600Molex 87369-1600 Nylon Crimp Connector Housing Single Row 16 Position 2.00MM (.079")1,9620.1700
52991-070852991-0708 Molex Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors 70 Ckt Vert. Recept. 0.5mm SMT Dual-Row842.2100
39531-1002MOLEX 39531-1002 CONNECTOR HEADER 2POS 5.08MM VERT TIN00.6800
03-06-103203-06-1032 Molex Connector Pin and Socket Receptacle Housing, 3 Circuits00.0000
08-56-0109MOLEX 08-56-0109 Connector Crimp Terminal 22-30AWG00.1300
09-52-3123Molex 09-52-3123 Connector 12 PIN TOP ENTRY .156 PCB121.1900
39-30-2050Molex 39-30-2050 Connector Header 5 Position 4.2mm Vertical Mount Tin Plated761.2500
43025-0400MOLEX 43025-0400 Connector Housing, Dual Row, Receptacle, 4 Positions, 3 mm50.0000
4386-000014386-00001 Molex RJ-45 Connector Recteptacle 8 Position 2.04mm Cat 3150.9900
44472-0454Molex 44472-0454 Mini-Fit Connector Header 4 Position 4.2mm20.0000
50802-9001Molex 50802-9001 Crimp Terminal 22-28AWG200.0850
52045-0445Molex 52045-0445 FFC/FPC Connector, Non-ZIF, Vertical Receptacle, 4 Circuits 2.5mm7400.1500
54132-339254132-3392 Molex FFC / FPC Connector Receptacle 33 Position 0.5mm Right Angle Surface Mount102.4900
70553-0002MOLEX 70553-0002 Connector Header 3POS .100 R/A GOLD RoHS780.9700
74737-0002Molex 74737-0002 Connector Accessories SFP Cage Right Angle Tray20.0000
825433-2AMP 825433-2 Connector Header 2 Position 2.54mm1,0000.3400
50394-8100Molex 50394-8100 Gold Plated Milli-Grid Crimp Terminal7,0000.0800
52610-1694Molex 52610-1694 Vertical FFC 16 Circuit Connector1,0002.5500
08-50-0276Molex 08-50-0276 Crimp Connector5300.1700
50-84-2030MOLEX 50-84-2030 Wire Housing 3 Position Nylon Single Row8100.3000
08-50-0114Molex 08-50-0114 Crimp Terminal 30-22 AWG 250V8000.1100
39-000-181 39000181 MOLEX Socket Contact 18-24 AWG Power00.2500
90130-131690130-1316 MOLEX HEADER 2.54MM, DUAL ROW, VERT, SHROUDED, 16W RoHS02.7800
43045-082143045-0821 Molex Connector 3.00mm Pitch, Dual Row, 8 Circuits02.2300
43160-2102MOLEX 43160-2102 CONNECTOR HEADER 2POS 7.5MM VERT TIN151.7100
70543-0111MOLEX 70543-0111 Connector Shrouded Header 7 POS 2.54mm151.5000
52207-143352207-1433 MOLEX FFC/FPC SOCKET SMD 1MM, 14WAY, RoHS01.7400
52368-0501MOLEX 52368-0501 Connector 1.27mm (.050") Pitch165.0000
02-08-1006Molex 02-08-1006 Pin & Socket Connectors01.0000
39-29-916639-29-9166 Molex Connector 16P 4.2mm02.3700
10081061 10-08-1061 MOLEX, Connector Header 6 POS 5.08mm00.3000
67643-291167643-2911 MOLEX USB 2.0 TYPE A, 4P RECEPTACLE, SMD RoHS01.6600
50-37-5023Molex 50-37-5023 SPOX Connectors 2.5 2 Position1000.1700
90331-100390331-1003 Molex Connector Power Supply Housing 6 Circuits, Natural Nylon00.3000
87833-1421Molex 87833-1421 Connector Shrouded Header HDR 14 POS00.8800
22-01-2056MOLEX 22-01-2056 Housing 5 Circuits.00.1560
22-01-2027MOLEX 22-01-2027 Crimp Housing, Friction Ramp, 2 Circuits.00.0100
15-38-0104MOLEX 15-38-0104 Connector Header 7POS1406.1500
22-05-704822-05-7048 Molex Connector PCB Header 4Way 2.54mm1,0000.0000
44050-000344050-0003 Molex Connector RJ-45 8 Terminal 1 Port Cat 53753.1500
55836-500155836-5001 Molex I/O Connectors Compact 50P051.6400
50-57-940250-57-9402 MOLEX Crimp Housing, 2 Circuits, Single Row, 2.54mm, Positive Latch,2150.1900
22-01-2055MOLEX 22-01-2055 Multipole Connector00.3000
70555-0042Molex 70555-0042 Connector 8P 2.54mm (.100) Pitch42.5000
53261-027153261-0271 Molex Connector 2 POS 1.25mm Solder RA SMD2,0000.0000
39-51-3094MOLEX 39-51-3094 CONECTOR 9W P1.25 FPC/ZIF 559701.0800
43160-430443160-4304, Molex, Wire to Board Connector 4POS 7.49mm00.8200
50-84-1030MOLEX 50-84-1030 CONNECTOR PLUG 3POS .08400.0000
43045-0602Molex 43045-0602 Micro-Fit 3.0 Connectors 6 Circuits 3mm540.2000
10-33-105210-33-1052 Molex Header, Right Angle, 5P, 5.08mm Pitch07.5000
70543-0038MOLEX 70543-0038 Connector Header 4POS .100 TIN00.2800
501331-0907501331-0907 Molex Connector Header 9 POS 1mm01.4900
449150021MOLEX 44915-0021 Connector RJ45, 8P8C, Plug, 1Port, CAT602.0000
42819-5212MOLEX 42819-5212 Connector Header 5POS 10MM Vertical Tin01.7600
33088-0010MOLEX 33088-0010 / A47GA-F6-C TERMINAL, PIN RCPT, 1.500.0000
19002-003219002-0032 Molex Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16AWG00.3640
43045-1220MOLEX 43045-1220 Connector Wire to Board HDR 12 POS 3mm362.1000
39-51-3124MOLEX 39-51-3124 Connector FFC/FPC Socket 12 POS390.6500
44432-0601MOLEX 44432-0601 Header Connector, 6 Contacts, 3mm Pitch1700.4000
44432-0802MOLEX 44432-0802 Header Connector, 8POS 3MM00.4000
52011-0310MOLEX 52011-0310 Connector 1.27mm (.050") Pitch Plug2250.7200
39-01-2040MOLEX 39-01-2040 Connector Housing, 4 Positions, 4.2 mm1280.1300
02-09-2117Molex 02-09-2117 Connector Contact Crimp 18-22 AWG00.1900
43045-060043045-0600 Molex Connector 6POS 3MM RT ANG TIN00.0000
02-08-2006Molex 02-08-2006 Crimp Terminal 42023, 14-20 AWG00.0000
503154-0890503154-0890 Molex Connector 8 POS 1.5mm SMD01.1500
44476-3111MOLEX 44476-3111 Mini-Fit? HCS Crimp Terminal 16 AWG00.0000
46081-201046081-2010 Molex Power to the Board MultiPath 4 Blade RA Plug08.9600
44661-000144661-0001 Molex Modular / Ethernet Connector 8/8 CAT 5E05.2900
171500-1022171500-1022 Molex High Speed / Modular Connectors Impel 6Px12C045.5600
15-24-474415-24-4744 Molex Connector Power Header 4 POS 5.08mm 1 Port00.8100
39-28-1083MOLEX 39-28-1083 Connector HEADER 8POS 4.2MM VERT TIN50.9300
42820-322342820-3223 MOLEX Connector Header 3 POS 10mm Solder RA04.0000
39-51-226339-51-2263 MOLEX Connector RCPT 26POS 2.54MM IDC W/POL00.0000
CB-POWER-531-YCB-POWER-531-Y Cable 8inch 4Pin Molex (M) to 4Pin Molex (F) & Floppy 4Pin (F)03.7050
03-06-205503-06-2055 Molex Pin & Socket Connector 5 POS 3.68mm00.3400
02-06-21310002-06-2131 Contact Crimp 1.57mm, Male, 24-30 AWG00.0200
03-06-105503-06-1055 MOLEX, Connector Housing RCP 5 POS 3.68mm00.1380
09-93-060009-93-0600 MOLEX, Connector Housing F 6 POS 3.96mm00.1750
52465-107152465-1071 MOLEX CONNECTOR, RCPT, 10POS, 2ROW, 0.8MM RoHS4,0001.5900
52745-043352745-0433 Molex FFC & FPC Connectors 0.5 ZIF 4P00.7700
15-24-9144MOLEX 15-24-9144 PLUG & SOCKET CONNECTOR, HEADER, 14 POSITION, 4.2MM02.3500
10-89-716110-89-7161 Molex Breakaway Header, Dual Row, Vertical, 16 Circuits, 2.54mm Pitch00.7600
85003-017785003-0177 Molex Connector DIN 41612 HDR 96 POS 2.54mm05.5800
43645-030043645-0300 Molex Connector Housing, Single Row, 3 Circuits00.0000
39-01-222039-01-2220 Molex Connector Housing 22 POS 4.2mm00.7400
54596-021054596-0210 Molex IDC Connector 2 POS 1.25mm00.3500
87427-064287427-0642 Molex Connector 6 POS 4.2mm01.0000
90584-130490584-1304 MOLEX CONNECTOR RECEPT IDT 4POS 1.27MM TIN RoHS00.5400
43045-080243045-0802 Molex Wire-To-Board Connector, 3 mm, 8 Contacts, Header, Micro-Fit 3.0 43045 Series, Through Hole, 2 Rows00.0000
05106505000510650500 MOLEX Connector Housing F 5 POS 2mm00.1600
38720-380238720-3802 Molex Conn Barrier Strip 2 POS 9.53mm Solder ST Panel Mount RoHS02.0000
67910-000267910-0002 MOLEX Connector, 52 Contacts, Card00.4740
00390001850039000185 Molex Contact Crimp Socket 16 AWG Gold00.2100
09-50-303109-50-3031 MOLEX Connector, Plug 3Position00.0000
501646-1000501646-1000 Molex Connector recept 10pos 2mm00.6900
67643-193067643-1930 Molex USB Connector 4 Terminal 1 Port01.0700
50-57-9404MOLEX 50-57-9404 Connector Housing 4P SINGLE ROW POSITIVE LATCH00.0000
00085001130008500113 Molex Connector Crimp Terminal 22-30 AWG00.5940
05021280000502128000 Molex Contact 2.00mm Crimp Terminal 24-30 AWG00.0453
22013087MOLEX 22-01-3087 Connector Housing RCP 8 POS 2.54mm00.0000
05556001680555600168 Molex Connector 16 POS 0.5mm Solder ST SMD01.1400
51281-129451281-1294 Molex FPC Connector SKT 12 POS 0.5mm00.7400
87760-161687760-1616 Molex Connector Unshrouded Header 16 POS 2mm01.1200
19073-007219073-0072 Molex Ring Tongue 14-16 AWG M4 20.32mm00.1760
54596-031054596-0310 Molex IDC Connector F 3 POS 1.25mm00.3000
501745-0801501745-0801 Molex Connector Board to Board PL 80 POS 0.4mm00.0000
73251-093073251-0930 Molex SMA RF / Coaxial Connector, Straight Jack02.5300
73251-115073251-1150 Molex, SMA Jack Receptacle, Edge Mount05.0000
39-30-110139-30-1101 Molex Connector, header, 10pos, 2row, 4.2mm00.0000
1904-3000119043-0001 MOLEX Quick Disconnect Terminal1000.0400
39-30-1081MOLEX 39-30-1081 Connector Header 8 CKT GOLD,2 ROW00.0000
43045-061843045-0618 Molex Connector Power Header 6 POS 3mm Solder ST SMD Port00.0000
39-29-904239-29-9042 Molex Connector Header, 4.2 mm, 4 Contacts, 2 Rows00.0000
10-84-4032MOLEX 10-84-4032 Connector Board to Board F 3 POS 6.35m100.1100
70553-000170553-0001 Molex Connector Header, 2 Circuit380.6500
70107-000170107-0001 Molex Connector Header 2Pos, 1 Row, W/O Ears00.0000
39-01-2145MOLEX 39-01-2145 450352-14 MINI FIT REC HOUSING 14 POS00.0000
45750-321145750-3211 MOLEX Connector CRIMP TERM. FEMALE 16GA Gold00.0000
54548-1071-TR75054548-1071-TR750 Molex FPC Connector SKT 10 POS 0.5mm Solder RA SMD00.0000
70543-000770543-0007 Molex Header Connector 8 Positions 0.100" (2.54mm)00.0000
26-62-4030MOLEX 26-62-4030 Connector Wire to Board HDR 3 POS 3.96mm00.0000
42815-0011MOLEX 42815-0011 Connector Crimp Contact F 1 POS Crimp ST Cab00.1100
15-91-216015-91-2160 Molex Connector Header, 2.54mm 2-Row, Vert, 16 Pos00.0000
87832-102087832-1020 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 10 POS 2mm01.2000
90151-214090151-2140 Molex Connector 40 Position Receptacle 0.100" (2.54mm)03.8000
44475-242144475-2421 Molex Connector Power RCP 24 POS 4.2mm05.0000
26-03-4052MOLEX 26-03-4052 Connector 5 Position Rectangular Housing Receptacle Natural 0.156" (3.96mm)00.2100
22-23-206122-23-2061 Molex Headers & Wire Housings VERT PCB HDR 6P TIN FRICTION LOCK00.0400
53398-0890MOLEX 53398-0890 Header, Surface Mount, Vertical, 8 Circuit01.4400
35922-9002MOLEX 35922-9002 Contact Crimp F 1 POS ST Cable Mount01.2500
90142-003090142-0030 Molex Connector Housing Dual Row, 30 Circuits, Black00.4527
08-65-0811MOLEX 08-65-0811 Crimp Terminal Female 22-30AWG GOLD00.6900
3901404039-01-4040 Molex Connector Housing 4 Circuits300.3500
503763-0291503763-0291 Molex Connector Header 2 way 1.00mm00.0000
38721-730338721-7303 MOLEX Connector Barrier Strip 3 POS 9.53mm Solder ST Panel Mount RoHS02.7000
06791057000679105700 Molex Connector Mini PCI Express Card Edge F 52 POS 0.8mm2504.0000
42820-221242820-2212 Molex Connector Header 2 POS 10mm160.0000
503149-0800503149-0800 Molex Connector Housing Pin Plug 8 Circuit00.3500
05326102710532610271 Molex Header Connector 2 Contacts, Pin00.0000
07055500560705550056 Molex Header Connector 22 Positions 0.100" (2.54mm)09.5000
22-12-406222-12-4062 Molex Connector Wire to Board Header 6 POS 2.54mm01.2500
70551-003870551-0038 Molex Connector Header 4 POS 2.54mm01.7000
53916-080853916-0808 Molex Connector Dual Row, Vertical, 80 Circuits00.0000
503480-1000503480-1000 Molex FPC Connector 10 POS 0.5mm1,8950.0000
52991-080852991-0808 Molex Connector Dual Row, 80 Circuits00.0000
26-60-4060MOLEX 26-60-4060 Connector Header 6POS .156 VERT TIN00.0000
67298-409067298-4090, MOLEX, Connector USB 2.0 Type A RCP 8 PO01.1000
22-01-3037MOLEX 22-01-3037 Connector Housing F 3 POS 2.54mm00.0000
502579-0000502579-0000 Molex Contact Crimp 24-28AWG00.0000
64318-301164318-3011 Molex Connector Housing 28 POS 2.54mm, Black07.9000
64320-130164320-1301 Molex Connector Dust Cap / Cover, Wire Cap, CMC 48-Contact Plugs, Nylon (Polyamide) Body00.0000
39-30-304539-30-3045 Molex Connector Power Header 4 POS 4.2mm Thru-Hole00.0000
43045-041843045-0418 Molex Connector Power 4 POS 3mm Micro-Fit 3.000.0000
90119-012090119-0120 Molex Socket Contact Tin 26-28 AWG Crimp00.0000
90142-001690142-0016 Molex Connector Housing 16 POS 2.54mm00.0000
12006502551200650255 Molex Cordset, M12, Single-End, 4P, Female/Pigtail, 22 AWG, 2.0m, Micro-Change00.0000
54698-144054698-1440 Molex Simm/Dimm Socket, 144 Contacts00.0000
54698-144154698-1441 Molex Simm/Dimm Socket, 144 Contacts00.0000
090059-0012090059-0012 Molex Shunt Connector 2 Position00.0000
39-28-102339-28-1023 Molex Connector Power Header 2 POS 4.2mm900.0000
73415-096373415-0963 Molex RF Connector / Coaxial Solder ST Edge Mount Gold00.0000
39-00-043339-00-0433 Molex Crimp Power, Pin Contact Gold 22-28 AWG00.0000
560020-0420560020-0420 Molex Connector 4 Positions Header 0.079" (2.00mm)00.0000
560020-0520560020-0520 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 5 POS 2mm00.0000
09-18-503109-18-5031 Molex Header Connector 3 Position 0.198"00.0000
50217-910150217-9101 Molex Crimp Terminal 18-24 AWG, 3.50mm00.0000
35362-155035362-1550 Molex Header Connector 15 Positions 2.00mm00.0000
53627-047453627-0474 Molex Connector Board to Board 40 POS 0.635mm00.0000
104168-1620104168-1620 Molex microSD Combo Connector 8/8 POS2000.0000
89401-021089401-0210 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 2 POS 2mm00.0000
90119-212090119-2120 Molex Connectors00.1000
19216-000419216-0004 Molex Splice Terminal 14-18AWG00.0000
38710-740238710-7402 Molex Terminal Block SR 2Way00.0000
52437-217152437-2171 Molex FFC/FPC Connector 21 Pos 0.50mm SMD8000.0000
22-11-205222-11-2052 Molex Connector Header 5 POS 2.54mm00.0000
70553-000370553-0003 Molex Connector Header Right Angle 4 position 2.54mm120.0000
70553-002170553-0021 Molex Connector Header 22 position 2.54mm00.0000
51004-080051004-0800 Molex Housing Connector 8 Position00.0000
08-50-010608-50-0106 Molex Socket, Crimp, 18 AWG, Tin Plated Contacts57,0000.0000
08-50-0105MOLEX 08-50-0105 Crimp Terminal 18-24AWG00.1500
2648104526-48-1045 Molex Connector Header 4Pos 3.96mm00.0000
08-70-005808-70-0058 Molex Crimp Socket Contact Tin 22-28 AWG00.0000
50394-805450394-8054 Molex Crimp Connector 24-30 AWG00.0000
51004-040051004-0400 Molex Rectangular Housing 4 Position00.0000
51110-046051110-0460 Molex Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle 4 Position Black 0.079" (2.00mm)00.0000
64001-020064001-0200 Molex Premium Grade Hand Crimp Tool00.0000
52893-109552893-1095 Molex FFC/FPC Connector 10 POS 0.5mm00.0000
39-01-3023Molex 39-01-3023 Connector PLUG 2POS VERT DUAL00.0000
90121-01220901210122 Molex Connector Header 2 position 2.54mm00.0000
90121-012390121-0123 Molex Connector Header 3 position 2.54mm00.0000
35155-020035155-0200 Molex Connector Housing 2 POS 2.5mm00.0000
PA9D01-42PA9D01-42 Molex Profibus Connector 9-Pin D-Sub00.0000
504051-0401504051-0401 Molex Connector Housing 4 POS00.0000
53014-1010530141010 Molex Connector Header 10 position 0.079"00.0000
73415-467073415-4670 Molex RF Connector SSMCX Jack00.0000
5047403900504740-3900 Molex FFC-FPC Connector Socket 39 POS00.0000
50147-800050147-8000 Molex Connector Crimp Contact 20AWG00.0000
52266-021152266-0211 Molex Connector 2.5MM WIRE PLUG00.0000
42815-0114428150114 Molex Crimp Terminal 12-10 AWG00.0000
502352-02005023520200 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 2 POS 2mm00.0000
09-50-802109-50-8021 Molex Connector Housing 2Pos00.0000
08-52-010108-52-0101 Molex Crimp Terminal 22-30AWG00.0000
39-01-212139-01-2121 Molex Housing Connector 12 Position 4.20mm00.0000
39-01-212539-01-2125 Molex Connector Housing 12Position 4.2mm00.0000
39-00-008239-00-0082 Molex Crimp, 16 AWG, Tin Plated Contacts00.0000
47054-100047054-1000 Molex Connector Header 4 Pos 2.54mm19,9050.0000
43045-201243045-2012 Molex Connector Header 20 position00.0000
50235209005023520900 MOLEX Connectors 9 position00.5600
50235214005023521400 MOLEX Connector Header 14 position 0.079" (2.00mm)00.9800
10513300111051330011 Molex Connector Micro USB Receptacle00.2790
53261-03710532610371 Molex Connector Header 3 position00.1420
M83513/01-ACM83513/01-AC Glenair Micro-D Connector 9 Position00.0000
43030-0002430300002 Molex Crimp Terminal 20-24 AWG1900.0000
46622-040046622-0400 Molex Connector Header 4 position00.0000
46623-040146623-0401 Molex Connector Housing 4 Position00.0000
53014-041053014-0410 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 4 Position 2mm00.0000
43045-241343045-2413 Molex Connector00.0000
10-88-180110-88-1801 Molex Connector, Interconnect00.0000
39-00-005339-00-0053 Molex Crimp 24-18AWG00.0000
43045-081343045-0813 Molex Connector Header 8Position00.0000
206640-0001206640-0001 Molex Antenna Patch00.0000
44242-000244242-0002 Molex Connector 6 position00.0000
43025-140043025-1400 Molex Connector 14 Position Receptacle Black450.6600
91228-0001Molex 91228-0001 SIM Card Connector 6 Position05.9900
43645-020043645-0200 Molex Connector Housing 2POS00.0000
22-04-104122-04-1041 Molex Connector 4 POS 2.5mm00.0000
501645-2220501645-2220 Molex Connector Header 22 position00.0000
53047-051053047-0510 Molex Header Connector 5 position00.0000
104188-01101041880110 Molex Wire-To-Board Connector 1 Position00.0000
104188-0210104188-0210 Molex Wire-To-Board Connector 2 Position00.0000
31101-004031101-0040 Molex Connector Header 4 position00.0000
08-50-003108-50-0031 Molex Crimp Terminal 22-30 AWG00.0000
501331-0207501331-0207 Molex Connector Header 2 position00.0000
501331-0607501331-0607 Molex Connector Header 6 position00.0000
501331-0307501331-0307 Molex Connector Header 3 position00.0000
501331-0407501331-0407 Molex Connector Header 4 position00.0000
22-10-202122-10-2021 Molex Connector Header 2 position00.0000
22-10-204122-10-2041 Molex Connector Header 4 position00.0000
22-10-203122-10-2031 Molex Connector Header 3 position00.0000
56579-051956579-0519 Molex Connector Mini USB 2.000.0000
504195-0370504195-0370 Molex Connector Header 3 Position00.0000
504195-0270504195-0270 Molex Connector Header 2 Position00.0000
504195-1270504195-1270 Molex Connector Header 12 Position00.0000
504195-0470504195-0470 Molex Connector Header 4 Position00.0000
39-00-008139-00-0081 Molex Crimp Terminal 16AWG00.0000
505568-0471505568-0471 Molex Connector Pin Header 4 Position500.0000
505568-0781505568-0781 Molex Connector Pin Header 7 Position00.0000
505568-0831505568-0831 Molex Connector Pin Header 8 Position00.0000
503148-1090503148-1090 Molex Connector Receptacle 10Position SMD00.0000
505406-1060505406-1060 Molex Connector Housing 10 Position00.0000
505406-1260505406-1260 Molex Connector Housing 12 Position00.0000
74441-000174441-0001 Molex Connector SFP+ RCP 20 Position00.0000
74441-000774441-0007 Molex Connector SFP+ RCP 30 Position00.0000
74441-001774441-0017 Molex Connector XFP 30 Position00.0000
104238-0210104238-0210 Molex Connector Header 2 Position00.0000
104238-0110104238-0110 Molex Connector Header 1 Position00.0000
47346-000147346-0001 Molex Connector Micro USB 5 Terminal00.0000
089400032089400-0320 Molex Connector Header 3 Position00.0000
JFM38A1F-EN08-4FJFM38A1F-EN08-4F Hon Hai Connector RJ45 Jack00.0000
105133-0031105133-0031 Molex USB Connectors MICRO USB00.0000
105133-0021105133-0021 Molex USB Connectors MICRO USB00.0000
105133-0002105133-0002 Molex USB Connectors MICRO USB00.0000
39-28-812039-28-8120 Molex Connector Pin Header 12 Position00.0000
26-60-403026-60-4030 Molex Connector Header 3 position 0.156" (3.96mm)00.0000
26-60-407026-60-4070 Molex Connector Header 7 position 0.156" (3.96mm)00.0000
26-60-402026-60-4020 Molex Connector Header 2 position 0.156" (3.96mm)00.0000
26-60-404026-60-4040 Molex Connector Header 4 position 0.156" (3.96mm)00.0000
26-60-405026-60-4050 Molex Connector Header 5 position 0.156" (3.96mm)00.0000
104238021001042380210 Molex Connector Header 2 Position00.0000
5040500291504050-0291 Molex Connector Header 2 Position00.0000
5040500391504050-0391 Molex Header Connector 3 Position00.0000
5040510201504051-0201 Molex Connector Housing 2 Position00.0000
5040510301504051-0301 Molex Connector Housing 3 Position00.0000
43202-810443202-8104 Molex RJ-45 Connector 8 Postion200.0000
90779-000490779-0004 Molex Connector Header 10 Position00.0000
90779-000390779-0003 Molex Connector Header 8 Position00.0000
90779-000590779-0005 Molex Connector Header 12 Position00.0000
63445-141563445-1415 Molex Punches & Dies00.0000
63446-162263446-1622 Molex Punch00.0000
70553-011070553-0110 Molex Pin Header 6 Position00.0000
22-17-303222-17-3032 Molex Header Connector 3 Contacts00.0000
43045-042443045-0424 Molex Connector Header 4 position00.0000
22-05-205122-05-2051 Molex Connector Unshrouded Header 5 Position00.0000
22-23-509422-23-5094 Molex Connector Header 9 Position00.0000
22-27-203122-27-2031 Molex Connector Header 3 Position00.0000
26-60-412026-60-4120 Molex Connector Header 12 Position00.0000
35903-010635903-0106 Molex Silicone Rubber Wire Seal00.0000
39-00-032639-00-0326 Molex Socket Crimp Terminal 24-28 AWG00.0000
39-01-404139-01-4041 Molex Connector Housing 4 Positions00.0000
39-28-104339-28-1043 Molex Connector Pin Header 2 Rows 4 Position00.0000
39-30-104939-30-1049 Molex Connector Header 4 Position20.0000
15-92-246815-92-2468 Molex Connector 68 Circuits Plug, Vertical00.0000
43045-121043045-1210 Molex Connector Header 12 Position00.0000
501334-0000501334-0000 Molex Crimp Terminal 28-32AWG00.0000
501568-1207501568-1207 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 12 Position00.0000
530140610.53014-0610 Molex Connector Header & Wire Housing 6 Circuits00.0000
52030-062952030-0629 Molex FFC & FPC Connector 6 Position00.0000
39-01-204139-01-2041 Molex Connector Housing 4 Position00.0000
43380-061243380-0612 Molex Connector Header 6 position 0.165" (4.20mm)00.0000
34675-000334675-0003 Molex Automotive Connector Housing 2 Postion00.0000
19139-001119139-0011 Molex Block Spade Tongue Terminal 18-22 AWG00.0000
53254-027053254-0270 Molex Connector Shrouded Header 2 Position00.0000
504050-0791504050-0791 Molex Connector Header 7 Position00.0000
39-01-206539-01-2065 Molex Connector Housing 6 Position3000.0000
43031-000343031-0003 Molex Crimp Terminal 20-24AWG24,0000.0000
02-09-210302-09-2103 Molex Pin & Socket Connector (AWG):20-1400.0000
43030-000343030-0003 Molex Connector Crimp Terminal 20-24AWG24,0000.0000
39-28-1163Molex 39-28-1163 Connector Header 16 position 0.165" (4.20mm) Through Hole00.0000
3928112339-28-1123 Molex Connector Power 12 Position00.0000
43650-021543650-0215 Molex Connector Pin Header 2 Position00.0000
0950805109-50-8051 Molex Connector Housing 5 Position00.0000
67800-500567800-5005 Molex SATA Connector 7 Position00.0000
08-70-010608-70-0106 Molex Contact PIN Crimp100,0000.0000
09-65-203809-65-2038 Molex Connector Header 3 Position00.0000
42815-004242815-0042 Molex Crimp Terminal 14-16 AWG00.0000
19221-064819221-0648 Molex Compression Lug Tongue 4/0 AWG Tin00.0000
31068-101131068-1011 Molex Automotive Connector Receptacle 4 Position00.0000
38002-128438002-1284 Molex Connector Jumper 3 Position00.0000
39-00-007739-00-0077 Molex Connector Crimp Terminal 16AWG00.0000
19073-007019073-0070 Molex Avikrimp Ring Tongue Terminal 14-16AWG00.0000
43045-062743045-0627 Molex Connector Header 6 Position00.0000
11-40-408511-40-4085 Molex Terminal Stop and Scrap Shield00.0000
53398-107153398-1071 Molex Connector Header 10 Postion00.0000
39-29-602839-29-6028 Molex Connector Header 2 Position00.0000