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Hirose Electric Company specializes in the manufacture of connectors and has been a contributor to the development of the electronics sector for over 70 years. Their modest and humble business philosophy of seeking wisdom from all sources and incorporating that knowledge to maintain high quality and efficiency has earned Hirose a loyal customer base. Hirose is also committed to environmental issues in the manufacture of connectors such as coaxial connectors, FFC / FPC connectors, and single and double row connectors.

Since the birth of HIROSE in 1937, the company has developed and introduced thousands of new connectors for numerous applications.

Hirose first appeared on the international stage in 1968 and has since crafted a network of sales offices, agents and production facilities around the world. The company continues to broaden the scope of its business activities, keeping pace with market advances and satisfying the changing connector needs of companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

With the technical knowledge gained from this contact, and backed by the company’s own human and financial resources, Hirose is dedicated to meeting connector demand world-wide and to contribute meaningfully to progress in connector technology.


Image of Hirose Electric's DF59M Series Connectors

DF59M Series Connectors

DF59M Wire-to-Board Single-Pole Power Connector for LED Applications

Image of Hirose Electric's FX30B Series Power Connector Systems

FX30B Series Power Connector Systems

FX30B Series Board-to-Board Connectors - rated current up to 17 Amps, with a 0.3mm floating structure to absorb alignment errors, allowing for multiple connectors on the same board.

Image of Hirose's CX70 USB Type-C Connector

CX70 USB Type-C Connector

Hirose offers its CX70, minimized, USB Type-C connector with a mid-mount USB 3.1 design that can be inserted in the reverse by symmetrical terminal layout.

Hirose FH Series Connectors Thumbnail

FFC/FPC Connectors

Use Hirose’s FH series connectors are available in a variety of pitches for use in flat flex cable (FFC) or flexible printed circuit (FPC) type connections.

Hirose Board-to-Board Connectors Thumbnail

Micro-Miniture Board to Board Connectors

Hirose’s micro-miniature board-to-board connectors are cost-effective, handle high speed, and are available in a variety of combinations to fit your design.

Image of Hirose FX23 Series Connectors

FX23 Series Connectors

Hirose’s FX23 series hybrid power and signal board-to-board connector features a high-speed transmission capability up to 8 Gbps and a highly reliable floating contact mechanism that simplifies assembly.

Image of Hirose's DF63W Series Connectors

DF63W Series Connectors

Hirose's DF63W series are small connectors capable of delivering up to 14 amps In a slim design and all-plastic shell, ideal for wiring in small spaces.

Image of Hirose's HK Series

HK Series Connector

Hirose's HK series solderless compression-mount 2.92 mm connector supporting up to 40 GHz


Tools & Support

Image of Hirose's EnerBee


Hirose offers a Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire power connector series named after the tiny, yet industrious and energetic insect; the EnerBee name represents the concept of this product family - compact size with high-end performance.

Image of Hirose's FunctionMAX


FunctionMAX is a group of Board-to-Board connector series from Hirose with a mission to meet the needs of the industrial market with maximum functionality.

Image of Hirose's Power Distribution Systems

Connectors for Power Distribution System

Power Brochure: Hirose's growing line of industrial power connectors for battery storage applications are designed for both fixed and portable electrical equipment. These high-voltage interconnects are suitable for use in industrial energy storage, inverters, UPS systems, community energy storage, and more.

Image of Hirose's Interconnect Solutions for Lighting

Interconnect Solutions for Lighting

Wire-to-board and wire-to-wire interconnect products from Hirose offer the ideal solution for LED applications. Low profile and versatile, these connectors feature multiple positions, secure locking systems, and various termination sizes with contact pitches ranging from 1mm to 7.92mm.

Image of Hirose's Industrial Applications

Interconnects for Industrial Applications

Choose from an assortment of cutting-edge interconnects from Hirose for a wide variety of industrial uses. Our board-to-board, wire-to-board, coaxial, flex circuit, circular, and input/output connectors provide ideal solutions for the most demanding applications.

Image of Hirose's Medical Applications

Interconnects for Medical Applications

Hirose manufactures technologically-advanced connectors for a variety of medical devices and equipment, including therapy and pain relief devices, patient monitoring, diagnostic equipment, portable handheld devices, and more. We supply an assortment of rugged and reliable board-to-board, wire-to-board, coaxial, flex circuit, circular, and input/output connectors.







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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
FH52-60S-0.5SH(99)Hirose FH52-60S-0.5SH(99) Connector FFC/FPC Socket 60 POS 0.5mm Solder RA SMD06.7800
13R1001Hirose Connector TM13R-1006(50) Conn Telephone/Telecom F 6 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole05.6900
DF22L-2P-7.92DSA(05)Hirose DF22L-2P-7.92DSA(05) Connector Header 2 Pin Shrouded 7.92MM PCB Tin Plated RoHS1,2590.8200
MQ172X-4PAHirose Mq172X-4Pa (11) Connector 4 Position Receptacle 0.031" (0.80mm) SMD Gold2002.0000
DF22L-2S-7.92C(28)Hirose DF22L-2S-7.92C(28) Wire Housing 2 Position 7.92mm Red RoHS4910.2700
U.FL-R-SMT(01)HIROSE U.FL-R-SMT(01) U.FL Coaxial Connector501.0000
DF23C-12DS-0.5V(92)Hirose DF23C-12DS-0.5V(92) SOCKET 0.5 MM 1.5 MM STACK 12WAY 2 ROW ROHS70.5000
DF3-10P-2DSA-01DF3-10P-2DSA(01) Hirose Header Connector 10 Positions 2.00mm580.9800
DF3A-7P-2DSAHIROSE DF3A-7P-2DSA Connector Header 7 Pin 2MM Vertical Tin Plated1,4000.2800
DF3DZ-7P-2V(20)DF3DZ-7P-2V(20) Hirose Header Connector 7 Positions 2.00mm Tin100.0000
FH12-20S-0.5SVFH12-20S-0.5SV(55) Hirose FFC/FPC Connector 0.5MM 20 POS10.0000
DF3Z-2P-2H(20)Hirose DF3Z-2P-2H(20) Connector 2 Positions 2mm Right Angle Tin ROHS52.0000
FX8C-100S-SV5(71)FX8C-100S-SV5(71) Hirose Connector Board to Board Connector 100P 0.6mm00.0000
FX20-120S-0.5SVFX20-120S-0.5SV Hirose Board to Board Connector 120P 0.5mm 2 Row00.0000
A3-14PA-2SV-71A3-14PA-2SV(71) Hirose Connector Header Surface Mount 14 position 0.079" (2.00mm)00.0000
A3-16PA-2SV-71A3-16PA-2SV(71) Hirose Connector Header 16P00.0000
A3-20PA-2SV-71A3-20PA-2SV(71) Hirose Connector Headers & Wire Housings 20P00.0000
W.FL-2LP-04N1-A(150)HIROSE W.FL-2LP-04N1-A(150) Connector00.0000
DF3-2P-2HHirose DF3-2P-2H Connector Header 2 Positions462.0000
TM2REA-1818HIROSE TM2REA-1818 Connector RJ12 6WAY 3PORT Phone Jack 3X6-6 SIDE07.9500
DF14-4S-1.25CDF14-4S-1.25C Hirose Connector 4 Position Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle Beige 0.049" (1.25mm)150.3300
DF3-2P-2V(50)DF3-2P-2V(50) Hirose Connector Pin Header 2 position112.0000
ZX62R-B-5PZX62R-B-5P Hirose Connector USB Connector 5 Way01.2700
DF13-15P-1.25VHIROSE DF13-15P-1.25V CONNECTOR HEADER 15POS 1.25MM SMD51.2500
FH12-33S-0.5SH-55FH12-33S-0.5SH(55) Hirose FFC & FPC Connector 33POS 0.5mm02.8500
FH28-10S-0.5SH(05)FH28-10S-0.5SH(05) Hirose FFC/FPC Connector 20 Position 0.5mm00.5700
DF11-2428SCDF11-2428SC Hirose Crimp Terminal 24-28AWG00.0000
DF11-6DS-2CDF11-6DS-2C Hirose Connector Dual Row 6 Position 2 mm Pitch Crimping Socket00.0000
DF3-7P-2V(20)Hirose Pin Header DF3-7P-2V SMT Connector 7-CONTACTS121.5000
FX8C-140S-SV(91)FX8C-140S-SV(91) Hirose Connector 140 POS 0.6mm Solder ST SMD06.6700
FX8C-140P-SV(91)FX8C-140P-SV(91) Hirose Connector Board to Board HDR 140 POS 0.6mm06.4900
U.FL-R-SMT-1(10)U.FL-R-SMT-1(10) Hirose Connector 6 Ghz 50 Ohm Ultra-small SMT Coaxial Cable Receptacle00.0000
HR25-7TP-8P(72)HR25-7TP-8P(72) Hirose Circular Connector 8Pos, Plug019.9800
U.FL-2LP-066J1-A-40U.FL-2LP-066J1-A-40 Hirose Cable Assembly Coaxial 0.152m SMA to U.FL08.0800
FX8C-100S-SV(91)FX8C-100S-SV(91) Hirose Connector 100 Position 0.6mm Pitch04.8800
FH23-39S-0.3SHW(05)FH23-39S-0.3SHW(05) HIROSE CONN FPC 39POS .3MM GOLD SMD00.0000
HR30-6R-6S(71)HR30-6R-6S(71) Hirose Circular Connector Receptacle, 6 Position07.0000
DF40C-20DP-0.4V(51)DF40C-20DP-0.4V(51) Hirose Connector Plug, 20 Position00.0000
FH33-30S-0.5SHFH33-30S-0.5SH Hirose FPC Connector 30 POS 0.5mm00.0000
FH34SRJ-6S-0.5SH(50)FH34SRJ-6S-0.5SH(50) Hirose FFC/FPC Connector 6 POS 0.5mm00.0000
ZX62D-B-5PA8(30)ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) Hirose Connector 5 Pin Single Port USB 2.0 Micro B00.6500
DF11-6DP-2DSA(01)DF11-6DP-2DSA(01) Hirose Connector Header 6 Positions 2mm00.0000
DM3AT-SF-PEJM5DM3AT-SF-PEJM5 Hirose MicroSD Card Connector00.0000
ZX62WRD-B-5PCZX62WRD-B-5PC Hirose Micro USB 2 Connector Type B00.0000
DF22A-1416SCFDF22A-1416SCF Hirose Contact SKT Crimp ST Cable Mount00.0000
FH52-32S-0.5SHFH52-32S-0.5SH Hirose FPC Connector 32 Position00.0000
DF11-4DP-2DSA(24)DF11-4DP-2DSA(24) Hirose Connector Header 4 position 2.00mm00.0000
DF57-2830SCFDF57-2830SCF Hirose Crimp Socket Contact 28 - 30 AWG120.0000
DF57H-2S-1.2CDF57H-2S-1.2C Hirose Connector Wire to Board 2 POS60.0000
DF13-7P-1.25DS(20)DF13-7P-1.25DS(20) Hirose Shrouded Header 7 POS 1.25mm00.0000
ZX62R-B-5P(30)ZX62R-B-5P(30) Hirose Connector Micro B USB 2.000.0000
DF11-2428SCFDF11-2428SCF Hirose Socket Contact Crimp 24-28AWG00.0000
HR30-6J-6P(31)HR30-6J-6P(31) Hirose Circular Connector 6 Contacts, Solder Pin00.0000
HR30-6P-6S(31)HR30-6P-6S(31) Hirose Circular Connector, Plug 6POS, Cable00.0000
BM20B0.6-20DS-0.4V51BM20B(0.6)-20DS-0.4V(51) Hirose Connector 20 Position00.0000
UX60SC-MB-5ST(80)UX60SC-MB-5ST(80) Hirose Connector RCPT USB MINI B R/A SMD00.0000
FX8-60S-SV(22)FX8-60S-SV(22) Hirose Connector Receptacle 60 POS 0.6mm00.0000
DF40C-80DP-0.4V(51)DF40C-80DP-0.4V(51) Hirose Connectors00.0000
DF3E-2P-2H(21)DF3E-2P-2H(21) Hirose Connector Header 2 position00.0000
DF3E-2P-2H(24)DF3E-2P-2H(24) Hirose Connector Header 2 position00.0000
DF3E-2P-2H(51)DF3E-2P-2H(51) Hirose Connector Header 2 position00.0000
FX12B-60P-0.4SVFX12B-60P-0.4SV Hirose Connector Board to Board 60 Pos00.0000
FX12B-60S-0.4SVFX12B-60S-0.4SV Hirose Connector 60 Position00.0000
FX12B-40S-0.4SVFX12B-40S-0.4SV Hirose Connector Board to Board 40 Pos00.0000
FX12B-24P-0.4SVFX12B-24P-0.4SV Hirose Connector Board to Board 24 Pos00.0000
A2-4PA-2.54DSA(71)A2-4PA-2.54DSA(71) Hirose Connector Pin Header 4 Position00.0000
FH12-22S-1SH(55)FH12-22S-1SH(55) Hirose FFC-FPC Connector 22 Position00.0000
FH12-22S-1SVA(54)FH12-22S-1SVA(54) Hirose FFC-FPC Connector 22 Position00.0000
FH12-22S-0.5SH(55)FH12-22S-0.5SH(55) Hirose FFC-FPC Connector 22 Position00.0000
FH12-22S-0.5SHFH12-22S-0.5SH Hirose FFC-FPC Connector 22 Position00.0000
FH12-22S-1SH(1)(98)FH12-22S-1SH(1)(98) Hirose FFC-FPC Connector 22 Position00.0000
CX80B1-24PCX80B1-24P Hirose Connector USB-C 3.1 Receptacle 24 Position00.0000
DF1B-2428PCFDF1B-2428PCF Hirose Crimp Terminal 24-28AWG00.0000
PCN10-20S-2.54CPCN10-20S-2.54C Hirose Din Connector Receptacle 20 Position00.0000
PCN10-2226SCPCN10-2226SC Hirose Crimp Terminal 22-26AWG00.0000