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Power Integrations Power Conversion DC-DC AC-DC – Active Components

Power Integrations
Power Integrations, Inc., founded in 1988, is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits (ICs) used in power conversion.
Power Integrations ICs enable compact, lightweight power supplies that are simpler to design and manufacture, more reliable, and more energy-efficient than those made with competing technologies.

Power Integrations ICs power a vast range of consumer and industrial electronics-computers, DVD players, TV set-top boxes, cell phone chargers, home appliances, telecom networking equipment, and many others.

OPTEK Products

DPA-Switch Family

  • DPA-SwitchDC-DC Solutions for 16-75 VDC Inputs and power up to 100 W

LinkSwitch Family

  • LinkSwitch-XT Energy-Efficient Low Power Off-Line Switcher IC (Low Component Count, Tight Output Regulation)
  • LinkSwitch-LP Lowest Component Count Switcher for Linear Transformer Charger Replacement
  • LinkSwitch-TN Replaces Linear, Resistive / Capacitive Droppers in Home Appliance and Industrial Applications
  • LinkSwitch-II Dramatically simplifies low power CV/CC charger designs by eliminating an optocoupler and secondary control circuitry.
  • LinkSwitch-CV Dramatically simplifies low power power supply designs by eliminating an optocoupler and secondary control circuitry.

PeakSwitch Family

  • PeakSwitch Enhanced, Energy-Efficient, Off-Line Switcher IC with Super Peak Power Performance

TinySwitch Family

  • TinySwitch-III Energy-Efficient Off-Line Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range
  • TinySwitch-PK All the features of TinySwitch-III, plus a peak power mode further extending its power capability

TOPSwitch Family

  • TOPSwitch-HX Enhanced EcoSmart®, Integrated Off-Line Switcher with Advanced Feature Set and Extended Power Range

Hiper Family

  • HiperPLC Continuous Mode PFC & LLC Controller with Integrated Half Bridge Drivers




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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
P3189ETAL P3189 Telecom Transformer v.22bis25,1918.3600
P2824ETAL P2824 Telecom Transformer04.0000
P3801ETAL P3801 Telecom Transformer V.34+/V9054.8000
P3181TRETAL P3181TR Low Distortion Telecom Line Matching Transformer ( 1 : 1.1 )1,4459.3200
P2781ETAL P2781 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis487.1400
P1165ETAL P1165 Line Matching Telecom Transformer v.344079.1900
P3000ETAL P3000 Telecom Transformer v.90 / v.9227.1400
P3181ETAL P3181 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.90 / v.92157.4100
P3191ETAL P3191 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis SMT RoHS06.5000
P3324ETAL P3324 Isolation, Line Matching Transformer V.22BIS06.7300
100smdETAL 100SMD Line Matching Transformer09.1000
9035ETAL 9035 Transformer05.1100
P2769ETAL P2769 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer08.2500
9856ETAL 9856 Transformer58.2500
9025ETAL 9025 Transformer07.1000
P2152ETAL P2152 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer58.2500
9004ETAL 9004 Transformer07.1000
300SMDETAL 300SMD Transformer07.1000
320SMDETAL 320SMD Transformer07.1000
P9003ETAL P9003 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer v.3457.1000
P1727ETAL P1727 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer06.8000
P7614-0603-6R8METAL P7614-0603-6R8M Inductor07.0000
P7614-0603-8R2METAL P7614-0603-8R2M Power Inductor507.0000
P2782ETAL P2782 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer06.8300
P2782TRETAL P2782TR Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis1,1336.5000
P3800ETAL P3800 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.34bis35.2300
P3900ETAL P3900 Telecom ADSL Transformer05.5000
P3410ETAL P3410 Telecom Transformer v.90bis / v.92bis RoHS05.2300
P5056ETAL P5056 Transformer3,0053.9600
P5122ETAL P5122 Transformer53.9700
P7636-1205-R33METAL P7636-1205-R33M Inductor54.9700
P7636-1205-R56METAL P7636-1205-R56M Inductor54.9700
P7636-1205-R47METAL P76361205R47M Inductor53.9700
P3065ETAL P3065 Low Profile Line Matching Transformer v.345008.8900
P2001ETAL P2001 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.34bis1,6659.1000
P2781TRETAL P2781TR Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis2,0007.3600
P3188TRETAL P3188TR Line Matching Telecom Transformer5007.3600
P3356ETAL P3356 Telecom Transformer v.90bis / v.92bis07.6900
P1200ETAL P1200 Line Matching Transformer1,8787.1000
P3188ETAL P3188 Isolation, Line Matching Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis47.5600
P5011ETAL P5011 Transformer54.4100
P5230ETAL P5230 Transformer601.2500
P5233P5233 ETAL Transformer53.7000
P8002ETAL 8002 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer Bulk Through Hole37.0000
P2602ETAL P2602 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer FOR V.32bis / V.22bis4117.8900
P3432TRETAL P3432 TR LINE MATCHING Telecom Transformer07.1200
P3191TRETAL P3191TR Telecom Transformer V.22 V.34 RoHS1,0006.2200
100SMDTRETAL 100SMD TR Line Matching Transformer05.0000
P3081ETAL P3081 Telecom Transformer07.2500
P7646-0603-3R3P7646-0603-3R3 ETAL Inductor 3.3uH SMD00.0000
P7101ETAL P7101 Moulded Wirewound CHIP Inductor00.9900
P3081TRETAL P3081TR Line Matching Transformers07.2500
P3176ETAL P3176 Transformer1,0004.5000
P6140P6140 ETAL PLANAR POWER Transformer05.0000
P520XP520X ETAL Transformer00.0000
P7101-5650-2R2KTETAL P7101-5650-2R2KT Wirewound Inductor00.9900
320SMDTR320SMDTR ETAL Line Matching Transformer5005.0000
P2647ETAL P2647 Isolation Transformer, Line Matching010.0000
303993303993 ETAL DC/DC Transformer10.0000
P2602_03P2602_03 Etal Line Matching Transformer07.4500
306294306294 ETAL Choke Coil 100mH Radial00.0000